Dhinchak Pooja gets special task to create Viral Song on Bigg Boss 11 for Luxury Budget

Today when bigg boss announced to the house members that they lost Luxury Budget because of their careless attitude towards speaking English, sleeping before bedtime and caring mic. Then bigg boss gave one more chance to the house members to save their Luxury Budget as now Dhinchak Pooja got a special task to create a Viral Song on Bigg Boss 11 and in this task she can take help of her co- friend who are in Jail with here – Arshi and Akash. After hearing this news from Bigg boss they Pooja, Arshi and Akash started to prepare a Viral Song lets see it gets Viral or not as Bigg boss kept a condition if her song is not Viral enough then Bigg boss house will lose Luxury Budget.

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Today in the Bigg boss 11 :- When all the contestants are here to win the task at any cost.

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